‘Zombie bees’ found in Washington state

Via:KOMO News

Washington has its first case of “Zombie bees,” but experts say the insects aren’t as dangerous as their name would suggest.

Amateur beekeeper Mark Hohn first noticed the dead bees in front of his shop after returning from vacation in early September.

“When I first saw it, I just assumed it was natural,” he said. “I found them right in the flight path of my hives.”

Because Hohn keeps nearly 300,000 bees and only a couple dozen had died, he didn’t think anything unusual was going. But then he saw bees acting strange, as if they were drunk. He shot some video of the bees, bagged some of the dead ones and contacted the experts.

Soon, biologists at Washington State University and San Francisco State University found out that he had the first recorded case of Zombie bees in Washington. The bees aren’t a threat to humans, but they do pose a threat to the honey bee population, which has already been hit hard by various environmental factors and other sicknesses.

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