Hallucinations caused by lightning

Via:Mind Hacks

A 23-year-old mountain climber was hit by a lightning bolt and awoke in hospital to find herself experiencing bizarre hallucinations.

The case, reported in BMJ Case Reports, describes how the healthy young woman was mountaineering with her climbing partner when they heard heard cracking thunder and were thrown to the ground by a massive shockwave.

The air rescue team took her to hospital and she was put in a drug induced coma for three days as she was disoriented and extremely agitated.

When she awoke, her world was somewhat different.

In the evening, still awake and 6 h after extubation, strange phenomena occurred. These exclusively visual sensations consisted of unknown people, animals and objects acting in different scenes, as if in a movie. None of the persons or scenes was familiar to her and she was severely frightened by their occurrence. For example, an old lady was sitting on a ribbed radiator, who then became thinner and thinner, finally vanishing through the slots of the radiator. Later, on her left side a cowboy riding on a horse came from the distance. As he approached her, he tried to shoot her, making her feel defenceless because she could not move or shout for help.

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One response

  1. jericho777

    LOL, that’s all we’re going to need now is a bunch of dopers trying their best to get lightning struck for a high, I can see it now?
    Really neat report, I came out of the mountains where all my kin folks live and ball lightning is a common phenomenon, where an indirect strike or concussion from a much larger strike has hit about all of my 18 Aunts or Uncles at one time or another during their 62-90 years up on the mountains.
    I was knocked out for 3 minutes after a huge strike hit on top of the water just 50 feet away from me and a friend who too was knocked unconscious, I was 15, my second time of being knocked out from an indirect strike, five other friends were sitting in a swing less than 10 feet from me and Hal and wasn’t affected by it.
    The first time I was knocked out for less than a minute but it burnt my fingers and several toes, I was 9 then and sitting under the tree with my brother that was hit, but in no way was I nearly hurt in this manner, my brother wasn’t even touched by it.
    I take it that there are no long term side effects from this?

    September 21, 2012 9:52 pm at 9:52:38 pm

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