Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved According to Top Researcher


A top researcher in the Bermuda Triangle mystery is claiming he has solved the riddle and knows exactly what happened to ships and planes that were lost in this area.

Has the Bermuda Triangle Mystery been finally solved?  According to Mike Walters, a top researcher in the mystery who has been exploring the area of the triangle for more than 20 years, the answer is yes.  Walters is claiming he knows exactly what has caused numerous ships and planes to be lost in the area and can prove his theory to anyone who asks.

Walter’s theory begins on a dive he took around 20 miles southwest from the coast of Bermuda where he claims he found a large crystal that was mostly buried in the sand underneath approximately 100 feet of water.  The crystal was very large and Walters claims he thinks it is the biggest one piece crystal ever found.  Upon seeing the crystal for the first time, Walter’s claims that he could only see about 10 feet of the crystal but could make out the entire shape from the sand covering it.  Walters estimates that the entire piece is over 50 feet in length and about 4 feet in width.  The crystal was a vibrant yellow in color and seemed to give off a glow in the water immediately around it.

After finding the crystal for the first time, Walters made repeated dives at the site and did numerous tests on the crystal.  He had a feeling that the crystal might have strange properties and according to some tests he is said to have done, the piece does seem to display abnormal characteristics.  One of the most bizarre features is the fact that anything metal that gets within 50 feet of the crystal is drawn straight towards it.  Anything electronic malfunctions anywhere near the crystal too.

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