Scientists Find Underground Chamber Pumapunku

Via: Scienceray

A team of archaeologists using ground penetrating radar have found an underground chamber that could finally answer some of the mysteries of Pumapunku.

Did ancient aliens or ancient humans build Pumapunku?  What exactly was the building’s purpose?  What did the building look like and how did it end up destroyed?  Where did the knowledge and skill to build and carve the blocks come from?   It is these questions among many others that archaeologists have not been able to answer regarding the site that leaves us with a huge mystery.  But a new discovery could be about to change all of that .

Using ground penetrating radar, a team of archaeologists have discovered a large underground anomaly that is only 60 feet from the Pumapunku foundation.  The team believes that the anomaly is a man-made chamber versus a natural one and is the only one detected so far from the radar scans.  Head archaeologist Domingo Mendoza stated that the team is convinced the chamber is most likely a tomb but there is no direct proof of this just yet.

In a statement to a local newspaper, head archaeologist Dr. Mendoza gave the following details of the discovery:


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  1. Trace

    In the excavation of Puma Punku has anyone such as the archaeology team lead by Domingo Mendoza, thought about using 3D scanning equipment on all the stones (small and large) then using software to put the stones and the blocks back together like a puzzle. Might help them understand how the large temple complex or monument group looked before it was destroyed…and give some indication on it’s use. I wouldn’t want to try and put it back together any-other way.

    October 23, 2012 4:29 am at 4:29:41 am

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