Is It Illusion Or Reality?

By Arthur Levine Via:

As the main character in a fictional novel called Johnny Oops who is suffering under the delusion that I am real, I know a lot about the difference between illusion and reality. After all, I am the author of this piece.

Some of you may suffer under the illusion that you are real, but I am here to put forth the proposition that it is you that is suffering under an illusion. You are operating in a dream like state. You have deluded yourself into thinking that the space and time you occupy is real, but it really isn’t.

As Buddha would say according to my interpretation of Deepak Chopra’s statements in his new book called, BUDDHA, you have to awaken in order to be real and to find enlightenment.

How do you know that you are awake and not simply dreaming? How can you excite your senses to the point that you can redefine a new reality for yourself? These are not easy questions to answer. These are not easy problems to solve. It will take all your will and effort to awake to the new reality of life. Are you ready?

Are you ready to come out of the dreamlike state you use to pacify your existence? Are you ready to wake up to the harsh realities of life? Are you ready to fine-tune your senses? Can you see past your creature comforts, wants, and desires to achieve awareness of the realities of life?

Can you find it within you to question the true meaning of life? And if you do will you find contentment, acceptance, and enlightenment? Who amongst us really knows the answer? So many questions stand in our way to see past the self imposed illusions of our lives. So many doubts and fears keep us from confronting our own demons. Can we find the courage to begin again? Do we really want to, or would we rather keep dreaming in the illusion of reality rather than discovering the real thing – rather than discovering ourselves.

What is this deep dark secret that makes us cringe from what we know deep down in our hearts is real? Why do we insist on masking our feelings, and deluding our consciousness with a fear of awakening?

Is it the fact that we are mortal and cannot really control our own destinies? Is the truth of our weakness and humanity too difficult too contemplate?

Do we really want to spend the rest of our lives pretending to be real, when what we are is a self-created illusion? When will we find the courage to confront ourselves and wake up to the reality of the moment? Whose reality is it anyway? If not now, if not ours, when will this dream like illusion stop and reality take over?

Wake up; the silent cymbals of reality are banging incessantly in our heads. It is time to get real. It is time to wake up. It is time to take a deep breath and begin again. It is time to live life to the fullest.


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