Mysterious and Strange Archaeology Discoveries That Science Cannot Explain

Via: Socyberty

Looking for some mysterious and Strange archaeology discoveries that Science cannot explain yet?….This is a collection of twelve items or locations that have been discovered through archaeology that either do not fit our understanding of history or do not fit into the proper time frame. Another common name for the research into these mysterious items is “forbidden archaeology.”

Wikimedia Commons

This article discusses 12 mysterious and strange discoveries made in archaeology over the past two centuries that science cannot explain (at least not yet) and could turn our whole concept of history upside down.  These items and locations are so mind blowing that most scientists and historians even refuse to speculate on what they could mean and most choose to simply ignore them altogether or dismiss them as hoaxes without doing the proper research on them.  What makes the situation even worse with these items is that anyone who does try and research them are often shunned by the academic community and when any non-traditional theories are made (that don’t fit the standard historical record), they are quickly dismissed as “pseudo-science.”

So, how do we find out about our ancient past?  Sure, one way is certainly through written or oral means but to really see what happened, we have to do some digging in the literal sense.  Archaeology as a science has truly given us the means to understand and analyze our ancient past but has at times also given us some mysterious and strange discoveries too.  While almost all discoveries over the past 150 years or so (modern archaeology) have resulted in a clear time line and understanding of our recent human history, there have been certain discoveries that do not fit in this pattern. Of course, there are still mysteries surrounding the pyramids and other ancient structures but for the most part, these sites actually fit into our understanding of the past.  What does not fit are the items and locations listed below which seem to defy what we know about our history.


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