Alien Grim Reapers in UFOs go Medieval spreading the Black Plague Of Death!

Via: Examiner

This scenario has come up many times in Ufology from the Ancient Aliens episode to William Bramley’s book The Gods Of Eden. Mysterious grim reaper types who were spotted on the outskirts of cities and villages shortly before outbreaks. These strange beings wielded scythe like weapons that released a “mist” that made everyone infected leading to their deaths. Aliens playing God from above to a point of depopulating the Earth is what this sounds like to me on many levels of warped darkness.

This would mean that aliens of some type do indeed think they are our God on some level or some would argue doing God’s work. Well of course I believe God is an alien on many levels or many aliens who were responsible for the creation of the Earth and seeding and colonization of mankind. The question to ask is why would they feel the need to exterminate mankind on such a hostile level?

There are 12,000 year old Indian texts that speak of alien beings in flying machines battling it out with what sounds like Nuclear technology. Some spots on the Earth have even been found that resemble battle grounds laced with still ever present radiation poison. The sand turned to glass in similar fashion to that of sites of Nuclear testing in the Nevada desert. Aliens battling over parts of the Earth and for humanity itself. Were the people they trying to exterminate part of some other alien groups colonization program? So many questions and so little answers.

Ancient history is filled with UFO sightings from Columbus seeing a UFO before he discovered America or well thinks he discovered America. When we all know the Natives discovered long before Columbus and had it practically raped from them through his tyranny. Natives even greeted him asking if he was from the Heavens and of course like most conquering tyrants used this to his advantage. What I would like to call the Feathered Serpent syndrome of course relating to the plight of Quezacotl. Of course another tale of a white guy pretending to be a god then conquering said civilization.

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