Is the Baltic Sea UFO a Nazi Secret Weapon?

Via: Gather

The so-called Baltic Sea UFO may in fact be a secret Nazi weapon from World War 2 designed to thwart British and Russian submarines and aircraft in the area. If so, it’s still a significant historical find of weaponry lost in the fog of war.

Scientists reviewing data collected by Norwegian divers who visited the anomaly at the bottom of the sea believe the object to be a concrete base, covered in wire mesh, which was designed to block enemy radar and even causing ships and airplanes to lose their way, either crashing into the sea or sinking below the waves.

The super-secret WWII technology left behind few intact remnants and archaeologists are eager to raise the object for a closer look and to investigate how the German Reich approached a way to thwart enemy radar and sonar in their attempts to dominate the region militarily.

The findings seem to once and for all dispel the theory that theBaltic Sea UFO is evidence of ancient alien technology unintentionally left behind.

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