What to Do When Negativity Attacks

Via: Huffington Post

Have you noticed that there seems to be an increasing amount of negativity out there, and it’s coming after you? If so, cheer up! It could be a sign that you’re definitely moving along on your spiritual journey. Now this may seem crazy to some of you, especially those who like to dismiss matters of spirituality as snake oil or psychobabble. If that’s you, do yourself a favor and read something else today. Or perhaps you really do need to read this one. Carefully.

If you’re still with me, let’s take a deeper look into the paradox of spiritual progression and attacks of negativity. My experience suggests that the further along you are on your journey as a soul, and the more you recognize and acknowledge yourself as a spiritual being, the more you may wind up under attack of one kind or another. In order to shed some light on this, I need to circle back to some foundational thoughts.

The Myth of the Spiritual Path

You may recall from an earlier article of mine that the spiritual path is a myth. Simply stated, there is no spiritual path, because there’s nowhere to go — you already are where you are headed. Spirit, God, your soul, or any language you would prefer to substitute is already fully present inside of you. That doesn’t mean you are fully present with it (you might have forgotten or failed to notice), but it does mean that the spiritual being you seek is already present.

However, just as the spiritual path is a myth — remember, you already are the soul or spirit you seek — the spiritual journey is alive and well. Sometimes, it feels as though the spiritual journey is alive and tortured. At least that’s how it occurs to me on some days, and that’s what I want to address here.

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