Baltic Sea UFO: Ocean X Team Reveals Rocks

Via:The Truth Behind The Scenes

Report from Ocean X Team: 2012-06-15                                                                                   Please find below first updates from Ocean X Team in Swedish media.

Translated from Swedish: Express can now publish exclusive pictures from the first dive at the item – at 85 meters depth.

We were there to find answers, but only got even more issues, says Stefan Hogeborn, 47, one of the divers from Ocean X Team, which investigated the circle on the bottom of the Baltic.


Rock Formation, which almost seems to be cast in cement, according to the divers.

At one point there was what is likened to a pearl necklace – or that someone has tried to make a fireplace with an inch-sized rocks on the ocean floor.

The furnace-like rock formations on top of that which constitutes the large circle that was discovered with a scanner tool last year. Divers images shows that the circle in turn consist of several blocks formed by “rolls” or “mushrooms” that is attached to each other, forming the circle.

Overall, the object is 60 meters long and about as wide.

Elsewhere, it looks like someone has pinched the mountain at the edge, as if you have breathed together two molds and it sticks out between stone formers, according to the divers.

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