Strange Monolith Anamoly on Mar’s Moon Phobos

Via: Scienceray

The Phobos monolith (right of center) as taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MOC Image 55103) in 1998.

What is the strange monolith looking object spotted on Mar’s moon, Phobos?  Is it artificial or just a natural feature of the moon?  As most people know, there are no shortages of stories and rumors concerning Mar’s moons Phobos and Deimos.  Everything from them being hollow spaceships to habitats for alien beings has been discussed and rumored about for years concerning these moons.  What scientists know for sure is that both moons are asteroids that got too close to Mars orbit and were captured by the planets gravity.   Scientists also know that both of the moons are getting closer to Mars itself and will eventually collide with the planet but that is millions of years away.

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