Ancient ‘Vampire’ Corpses Unearthed by Bulgarian Archaeologists

Via: Medical Daily

Philip Burne-Jones, The Vampire, 1897 via Wikimedia Commons

More than 100 “vampire” corpses have been dug out from graves across Bulgaria during historic excavations, according to the country’s archaeologists.

Bozhidar Dimitrov, head of the National History Museum in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, said on Tuesday that Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed two skeletons from the Middle Ages pierced through the chest with iron rods to keep them from turning into the undead.

Dimitrov said that the two “vampire” remains were found last weekend near the Black Sea town of Sozopol.

The tradition of hammering an iron rod through the chest bones and heart of ‘evil’ people to prevent them from returning after death to feast on the blood of the living was performed up until the beginning of the last century, according to experts.

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