[Graphic] Horrific Proof Aliens Mutilating Humans


Note: The images included in this article are, to the best of the author’s knowledge, not fraudulent, faked, manipulated, or enhanced in any way. They represent true and accurate photographic records from law enforcement and UFO researchers’ investigations into cases of what’s become known as cattle mutilations, and the emerging terror of human abduction and murder-mutilation.

While the photos are deeply disturbing, the images of the Brazilian man thought to have been abducted and callously mutilated by extraterrestrials in the same fashion as livestock are deeply psychologically disturbing and may have lasting emotional effects on those that view them.

The origin of cattle mutilations

For those that still believe that the occupants of UFOs are all kindly, beneficient space brothers, they’ve never read the details of human abductions or seen the grisly photographs of cattle mutilations, also called bovine excisions.

Although most cattle mutilation reports surfaced since the media paid intense attention to a celebrated Alamosa, Colorado case from 1967, reports of livestock abduction go back much further.

Reports in some local newspapers from the 1920s and 1930s allude to cattle being found in fields with strange cuts and holes in their bodies and drained completely of bloodalthough where the blood went no one ever discovered.

Nineteenth Century England also had cases of livestock mutilated and killed under very mysterious circumstances. After one incident, where more than 30 sheep were found mutilated and drained of blood, terrifed villagers scoured the countryside hunting for a vampire.

Cases of cattle mutilations tend to follow certain patterns across the United States. The incidents also occur outside of the U.S., occurring in Canada, some European countries, Brazil and Argentina.

The most striking features of the mutilations include surgical procedures described by investigators as looking like laser incisions; organs are removed, including eyes; and in virtually every case the rectal organs and reproductive organs have been excised leaving only gaping cavities. In literally every case identified as an actual bovine excision, no blood is found in or anywhere near the animal.

Despite careful investigations by police at the scene, no footprints or trace of anyone approaching or leaving the carcass is ever found.

Natural animal predators avoid the carcass, despite gaping wounds and exposed organs.

Some cases exhibit higher levels of strangeness. Elevated levels of radiation are detected in the vicinity of some of the animals. Odd aerial vehicles are witnessed. The appearance of the UFOs range from glowing orbs, cylindrical craft and classic flying saucers to paramilitary, unmarked black helicopters.

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