Have you noticed any changes in the sun?


To those who have been paying attention, the sun has changed color in the past 10-20 years, going from an egg yolk yellow color to bright white as we are heading towards the end of this current solar maximum.

Solar maximums occur every 11 years and I have not noticed this in the past.

Additionally, those who are paying even closer attention to the sun have attested that the sun is not in its normal position.

Santos Bonacci studies the sun and the planets through astrotheology and has noticed a 3-4 degree difference in the sun’s position in comparison to where it normally should be.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine who has owned her home for more than ten years and she stated that this is the first time the sun has even appeared in her bedroom window.

This anomaly may also be related to a brighter night time sky.

Also see: The Night Sky Has Become Much Brighter



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