Could Quantum ‘Time Pockets’ Account For EVP Recordings?


The often eerie electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) usually associated with ghosts or a disembodied alternate dimensional spirit world, may sometimes be caused by permutations in space time that physicists have not yet defined: Time pockets.

Voices from the ether

The history of EVP goes back almost as far a sound recordings. Thomas Edison even speculated about communicating with the dead and quite a controversy erupted when a device called the PsychoPhone purported to use Edison technology to speak with those who had passed into the great beyond.

Controversial PsychoPhone allegedly worked on by Edison

Today, professional parapsychologists and paranormal investigators use sophisticated digital technology to record disembodied voices that seem to lurk about cemetaries and buildings said to be haunted.

Countless examples of EVP recordings, many by self-styled “investigators” have been uploaded to Youtube. More professional examples of EVP recordings can be heard on regional radio shows that focus on the paranormal, and of course the grandaddy of all such shows: the inimitable Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM radio show now hosted by George Noory.

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