Human And Dinosaur Evidence From Central & South America

Before Its News

Colima Bottle

This aritfact from the Colima culture dates to roughly the time of Christ at between 200 BC. and 300 AD. The Colima people are known for having made exceptional redware ceramics that are nearly unparalelled in the ancient art world. The figure measures 12 3/4 inches tall and shows a man with a club in his left hand and a shield in his right hand. The strange part is the creature grabbing the man from behind. Many researchers have been unable to identify the animal and have concluded it must be a Caiman, a large Crocodialian species from South America. Yet the figure does not resemble a Caiman nearly as much at it does another type of reptile. The creature on the sculpture most strongly resembles a Theropod dinosaur such as a Tyrannosaurus.
The long neck, large eyes and teeth, and long tail, along with it’s bipedal stance and “hands” all point to the creature being a Theropod dinosaur instead of a Caiman, indicating the Colima people of Mexico were familiar with these animals at the time of Christ.


Dinosaur figurine from Acambaro, Mexico at the foot of El Toro mountain.

The radiocarbon dating given for the figurines, which include things besides dinosaurs such as races of people from around the world, were between 6,500-1,500 years old. This however does not give a fully accurate assesment of when the statues were made. However, once the scientists that were dating the figures discovered what they were actually dating they immediately retracted their statements regarding the age of the figures.

Many have claimed the collection of statues is nothing but a fake, backing up their claims with curious statements such the fact that very few of the clay figurines were broken and that they appeared very clean. However, many artifacts have been discovered in remarkable preservation, and the desert environment is one of, if not the best environments to preserve artifacts over long periods of time.Aside from this, it seems very illogical and unlikely that the many tens of thousands of figurines were all recent forgeries by people with no knowledge of dinosaurs whom immediately sought to bury the treasures they had made and leave them to be discovered without any way to claim financial gain upon their discovery.

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