The Reptilian Aliens

Reptilians (aka: Reptoids, Anunnaki, Nephilim, Sons of God)

Suspected malevolent race of aggressive extraterrestrials, the lizard alien race known as the Reptilians have been the subject of controversy in recent years fueled by the work of David Icke. According to Icke and other theorists, the Reptilians have infiltrated government in total secrecy, masked by their ability to shape-shift from reptile form to humanoid. This allows them to pose as humans and apparently these reptilian/human imposters have been responsible for a world wide tyrannical agenda.

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truth control

Physical Features

Reptilians are described as being 5 – 9 feet tall weighing in at 250 – 500 pounds. They have lean, solid bodies with strong arms and legs. Their hands have 3 fingers and a thumb while their feet have 3 toes and a recessed 4th toe on the back side of their ankle. The are lacking a navel.

The main distinguishing characteristic of Reptilians is their skin which consists of rough, scales similar to that of a lizard. Their skin color is also a greenish color and their eyes are somewhat yellowish-green with cat-like pupils. Their nose is in a snout shape giving them a somewhat of a resemblance to dragons.


Many people have reported Reptilian like humans to be known to shape-shift, that is, they can change from a Human form into a Reptilian form

Many believe the Reptilians to be the force behind our current world government and the main control over our Earth for thousands of years. The royal family in England is believed to be heavily Reptilian and of this order. The same can be said about political leaders in the United Statessuch as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Plans for the Future

The future Reptilian agenda is in alignment with the Bible and other religious believes. Their plan is to slowly work take more and more control of the Earth’s population by staging world events that get their desired reaction. They are currently working on assembling a one world government (see New World Order) that will be publicly accepted and acclaimed.

They are planning to stage events such as the return of Jesus. They already possess the technology to make extremely believable projections in the sky and various

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