THE HUM PIkeville N.C Strange huming sound

Strange noise of a hovering spaceship like first time I heard it was last night, SOUNDS LIKE A SPACESHIP HOVERING OVER THE HOUSE , I was able to capture some of the noise but for some reason and this has never happened the cellphone camera video sounds started to fail or sounded broken ? some people is been telling me is the ” HUM” NOISES THAT COME FROM THE UNIVERSE .My husband works in the air force on planes, I spend a good amount of time on the base where all kinds of planes fly all day I think I can tell a difference on a plane passing by and one that does not move, this video is not the greatest and I should of stayed outside longer cause the sound keep on going for a good 5 more minutes, this is to me very out of the ordinary and I have also find out that I’m not the only is a worldwide phenomenon , in Pikeville N.C


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