Vimana Weaponry

Ancient alien theory points to the fact that the ancient Indian texts known as
the Vedic literature feature flying machines equipped with devastating
weaponry as proof that extra terrestrial beings visited earth in the past.  The
weapons described in these texts seem to describe modern day nuclear
missiles which made these Vedas seem fanciful until recent times.

“It was a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe.  An
incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as the thousand suns
rose in all its splendor……it was an unknown weapon,  an iron thunderbolt, a
gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the
Vrishnis and the Andhakas…The corpses were so burned as to be
unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent
cause, and the birds turned white…… After a few hours all foodstuffs were

nfected……to escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in
streams to wash themselves and their equipment..”    

The preceding text from the epic of Mahabharat contains references to
what seems to be an ancient nuclear missile.  What else could this “iron
thunderbolt” that causes “hair and nail loss and food stuffs to be infected”
(with radiation).  Additionally, the “column of smoke” seems to describe a
possible mushroom cloud effect of a nuclear blast.

The Mahabharat contains other references to powerful weaponry other
then nuclear weapons.  The text describes “blazing missiles” as well as
Indra’s Dart which operates via a “circular reflector.”  When this dart was
switched on it produced a “shaft of light” which focused on its target and
immediately “consumed it with its power.”  Ancient alien theory proposes the
technology featured here seems reflect that of a laser.

In another section of the same epic, two Vimanas are seemingly having an aerial dog fight with the hero Krishna chasing
his enemy Saubha.  The enemy Saubha is able to somehow cloak his craft and make it invisible.  This does not bother
Krishna as he proceeds to fire his weapon which is described as, “’I quickly laid on an arrow, which killed by seeking out

Is there any evidence that a nuclear war occurred in ancient history?  The southern Pakistani city of Mohenjo-Daro
(Mound of the Dead) reveals some intriguing insights.  This ancient city was populated by the Indus people from
approximately 2500BC – 1900BC.  The city was deserted for unknown reasons.  When excavating the property in the
21st century the archaeologists found curious evidence when reaching the street level of the city.  Dozens of skeletons
were found in the middle of the street, with no apparent cause of a violent death.  Many of these skeletons were holding
hands and sprawled in the middle of the street as if some instant mass death came upon them.  Additionally, at least one
of the skeletons has been tested for radioactive elements to find the levels at least 50 times greater then what would be
considered natural radioactivity.  Ancient alien theorists point to this as evidence for a nuclear strike on the city of

Read more:arcturi.


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