Welcome to Our Nightmare

The Intel Hub
By Peter Kirby

Have you ever laid in your bed, late at night; hearing the muted roar of jet airplanes passing overhead? Have you ever heard so many planes at such an ungodly hour that you wonder weather or not there has been a big increase in the number of red-eye flights? I have. In fact, these things were happening when I rolled out of bed at 4:00AM to write this.

Have you ever known that you are being slowly murdered? Have you ever felt like you are in a room and a brown spray has begun emanating from nozzles overhead? Have you ever laid there, wanting to scream and being so angry that you feel like you’re losing your mind? I have.

You can feel that familiar dryness in your nasal passage. You know it is permeating your body. We’re breathing in a toxic soup. Right along with the spray comes the extreme low frequency directed energy waves.

This is completely inhuman. This is unacceptable. This is genocide.

How can this be happening? What did we ever do to deserve this reality? I guess it started with the original sin.

However it began, the fact is we are all being murdered and the establishment sits back and tells you it isn’t happening. It is the most maddening thing I have ever experienced. When you know that you’re being sprayed, you know that you are living in a nightmare.

As a boy, I naively assumed I would get a fair shake in life. As it turns out, I just get sprayed. How can I or anybody else do anything with our lives while we are sprayed? It is a relentless attack against our mind, body and spirit. We are all living through a type of muted existence where it is impossible to achieve our full potential.

I don’t know if I am even going to survive this. How easy do you think it would be for the chemtrail sprayers to load up their planes with viruses that could kill every living being exposed? It is a fact that taxpayers fund massive bioweapon research.

The fact that we are being sprayed is a damming indictment of the system that allows it to occur. The lines in the sky spell out, “This government is illegitimate.” I mean, I and many other laypeople can easily tell you for sure that tic-tac-toe grids in the sky are wrong, but the establishment arrogantly tells you this is normal.

Do you know how many form letter responses I have received from my US congressional representative, Lynn Woolsey, telling me contrails persist? This woman even sits on the House Science and Technology Committee and has her name on their reports about geoengineering. Did you see Bart Gordon (chairman of the committee) lying his ass off in ‘What in the World Are They Spraying? He couldn’t wait for that elevator to come.

It takes the most minimal powers of discernment to figure out that there is a problem, but somehow these revered leaders can’t figure it out; much less do anything about it. While humanity and our ecosystem are ravaged seemingly beyond repair, as fleets of giant airplanes dump megatons of toxic plumage into the sky, as mountains of scientific evidence pile up, these worthless sacks of garbage just sit there telling us we’re crazy. What’s crazy is the fact that you losers are not doing anything about it! Our society has obviously let us down and does not work.

What shall our collective compensation be for being sprayed every day? What shall be humanity’s compensation for the biggest genocide ever? If you ask the geoengineers, their answer will most undoubtedly be zero because, of all the geoengineering documents this author has read, it is a rare instance indeed for any such document to posit human health or environmental impacts at all. They don’t care about you.

After the system and establishment has let this occur for so long (and believe me, they’ve been spraying us for a long time), why should I believe that the system will hold anybody accountable? They rarely have before. If the people responsible for chemtrails were truly held accountable and the population was adequately compensated, it would bankrupt almost every major corporation, government and ruling family in the Western world. I mean, that would be great, but I’m not counting on it.

What should my compensation be for possibly helping to stop these operations? The only things I can see are clean air and water; two things I should have had in the first place. I never wanted this fight. I’m just defending myself. It’s just like any other fight. You don’t get anything out of it except ripped up clothing, injuries and possible legal trouble.

If we had a responsible and fair government, I would receive direct compensation for helping expose such a threat to Humanity and the Earth. When it comes to chemtrails (and many other things), everything the government does speaks to it’s illegitimacy.

Trolls online will tell you that chemtrails are a fantasy. I wish they were. The reality is that we are all living through a collective nightmare and the system doesn’t care.


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